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An ancient citadel stands next to green and flowery bushes, underneath a blue sky.

Trauma-Informed Care: Introduction

This 1-hour long training covers the basics of trauma and trauma-informed care in direct service provision settings.

Price: $45

Working with LGBTQIA+ Survivors of Violence

This 1.5-hour training covers terminology, best practices of LGBTQIA+ medical and mental health care, and a review of a case study.

Price: $50

A break in redish brown rock formations to reveal a blue sky. There are people on the ground.
A road is lined with a stone wall with a tree and flowers. In the background, green mountains loom.

Self- and Collective Care for Preventing Burnout and Managing Vicarious Trauma

This 1.5-hour long training covers terminology; helps folks recognize signs of symptoms of vicarious trauma & burnout; and identifies practical strategizes for addressing these on the individual and organizational level. 

Price: $50


This 1-hour training covers the basics of intersectionality, as theorized by Kimberle Crenshaw, as well as its applicability to our work as service providers.

Price: $45

A line of cedar trees, wildflowers, and tall grasses line a mountain under a sunset.
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